What materials do you use?

The majority of my art is done with watercolours, graphite pencils, coloured pencils and chalk pastels. I usually work on heavy card stock or watercolour paper but I will occasionally use wood panels.

Do you have any original pieces for sale?

Original work can be found in my shop when available. 

Do you take commissions?

I do, but unfortunately I’m not taking on any custom work right now. To make a long story short: I became my Nana’s full time PSW in 2018 and will be here until the end of 2022. I feel incredibly honoured and grateful to be by her side - especially during a pandemic - but her care requires a lot of me and I find very little time for anything else. I really appreciate your understanding and patience with this. I’m excited to start new projects in 2023. See ya then!

Can I get your artwork tattooed?

You’re more than welcome to use my work as inspiration but fair warning: I find it doesn’t translate well in this form and your tattoo artist will likely have to customize the piece to make it work. I feel like this causes a lot of unnecessary run around; especially when you find a talented and experienced tattoo artist in your area. I recommend hiring them to design you an original piece instead. Or choose a piece from their flash. If you do go ahead and use one of my pieces, tips are always appreciated ♡

Did you go to art school?

My only formal arts education was 4 years of arts focused high school. I went to Canterbury High School of Performing Arts in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.